Mizzou Suspends Quarterback Maty Mauk After Drug Use Video Surfaces

Mizzou’s quarterback Maty Mauk has officially been dismissed from the school after a compromising video surfaced online. Originally, Maty had been suspended indefinitely–but now we’ve learned the punishment is more severe.

The video in question features Mauk allegedly snorting a line of coke. Here’s the video:
While the video is dark and we’re not 100% certain that it’s Mauk – or that coke is the white substance shooting up his nostrils – it doesn’t look good. Missouri AD Mack Rhoades and coach Barry Odom reacted pretty quickly.

According to Deadspin, Mauk was the University of Missouri’s starting quarterback in 2014 and the first four games of 2015 before he lost the position for a “disciplinary reason.” Just a few days after being back on the team, he was suspended again for the rest of the season after a bar fight got out of hand. In 2012 he was also arrested for fleeing the scene of a scooter accident.
Does this give reason for the public to believe that he is definitely the person featured in the video? Probably. But however the investigation turns out, this dude is on-point:

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