Singer Turns Real Dirty Sexts From Fraternity Brothers Into Beautiful Song

What happens when you take real, actual drunken sext messages from fraternity brothers and then have some chick with a beautiful voice sing them? “Texts From a Beta” happens, and we’re damned sure glad it did.
Piano, string quartets, and a freaking chorus singing the most awful, heinous things that come from a fraternity brothers’ mind is an evil genius move.
But before you go off and laugh to yourself about how forward these men were, at some point you either have either sent sexts that are equally disgusting, or wish in hindsight that you had.
The real kicker here is that according to the video’s description, these text messages here were sent by different men to one woman, so obviously we’re curious what she looks like. The guys over at TotalFratMove claim that the song comes from out of Vanderbilt University, so that’s probably the best place to start looking.

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