To Avoid Student Loans, American Students Are Picking Up & Moving to Europe

You know what’s terrifying? Being 60-years-old, on your merry way to retirement and a cozy little beach house in Florida, and still having to pay off the rest of your student loans.
Unfortunately for some, this is a reality… unless you’re one of these genius (and kind of awful) American students running off to Europe to avoid student loans altogether.
As we all know, the debt is soul crushing – a whopping total of $1.3 trillion – and it continues to grow roughly $2,000 every second. So instead of selling their souls and sacrificing their lives to pay off the monstrous debt, several students have opted to completely ignore it and flee the country. It sounds pretty unbelievable, but writer and student loan lawyer Adam S. Minsky has come face to face with the perpetrators – and often.
“It’s a phenomenon that I’m quite familiar with actually,” Minsky explained in a recent interview with Vice. “In my experience, people leave because there’s a sense of hopelessness and they see greater opportunities overseas, usually through a combination of higher pay and lower living expenses. They think they’ll be better positioned to either pay their loans in real time, from abroad, or to save up and be in a better place to address the loans a couple of years from now.”
Logical thinking… unless you have plans to move back to the U.S., or ever work for an American-based company.

Joshua R. I. Cohen – the self-proclaimed “The Student Loan Lawyer” – tells me that this plan could work for some people, albeit only if the debt dodgers plan to never live in the US again. Students who move to a foreign country and stop paying off their loan debt “will only feel consequences if they’re working for a US company on foreign soil,” Cohen says.

Naturally, if you don’t want to move back and aren’t collecting social security or a U.S. paycheck, you’re in the clear – just not morally. Loan companies won’t be able to come knocking on your door, and U.S. government officials won’t be able to touch you. However, if you have a co-signer on your loan who still resides in the U.S., they’ll be forced to pay off the debt while simultaneously cursing the day you were born.
So who’s doing such a thing? Vice found several grads who owned up to dodging debt, and the amount that they owed varied. From $35k to $160,000 plus, each person was truly suffering from monetary issues. But does that give reason to dump it on the government?
Vanessa, a 29-year-old currently living in Berlin, said it best:

If I don’t have the money, then I don’t have the money to pay for loans. I need to eat and live and not be a slave to this debt. But I’m scared. When I look back, I wonder what I could have done differently.

Like… not attend such an expensive college?

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