Kim DotCom Releases "Good Life" Music Video Four Years After Raid

Kim DotCom, the still-fat, once-millionaire who made more money than you can imagine off of the website MegaUpload, just uploaded an insane music video called “Good Life,” exactly four years to the day when his home was raided. The video features super yachts, sexy European models, and a guy who’s still not confident enough to take his black shirt off in the pool.
Apparently things haven’t really changed for Kim DotCom. Or have they?
What confuses us more than anything is where Kim got all the cash to still be living the “Good Life.” After all, he reported late in 2015 that he was bankrupt since all of his bank accounts had been seized by the US Government. In reality, what I think you’re seeing is mostly footage that Kim Dotcom had saved up from years past and is now actually doing something with.
You see, Kim once famously chartered the Alpa Nero, that super yacht shown multiple times for weeks at the cost of $1 million per week. He used it to take a bunch of his friends and guests to various locations, including the Monaco Grand Prix–which you can also see in the video.
Incredibly, if the footage we see in “Good Life” was actually taken a couple of years ago that would mean that all the aerial footage had to have been filmed by helicopter, since drones with that kind of capability didn’t exist back then.

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