Finch’s Beer Company's Hardcore Chimera Is What's on Tap!

The best way to find your next favorite craft beer is to walk into a solid beer bar and ask the head bartender / manager / beer person what is either new to their draft lineup or what do they have on tap that they are enjoying. More often than not you will be poured a sample of something you have not had. Yes, the more craft beer you drink the less likely you will come across a brew you have not tried; but if you are in a really solid bar you might find yourself trying a delicious brew for the first time. That is exactly how I came across the beer I am drinking; this week, Finch’s Beer Company’s Hardcore Chimera is What’s on Tap!
Anytime I read, “American Imperial IPA” I immediately get pumped up and think, “Huge hoppy flavors, lasting bitterness, and high ABV! Let’s dance!” However, what dominates this brew’s aroma and taste, is not the hops or a lasting bitterness but an explosion of citrus and fruity flavors. Yes, that is because of the citra hops – I am guessing used later in the brewing process – but wow, this beer has tremendous balance.
As I was finishing my pint I reread the bar’s menu description of the beer and I was shocked to remember that I was drinking not only an Imperial IPA but one with 9% ABV. My first thought was, “where the Hell is the alcohol?” (My second thought was, “fill it up again!”). A beer at 9% should not be this smooth, but well done Finch!
Enjoy this brew! Pair it with whatever you like but for me, I am drinking it by itself so I can enjoy all of its goodness!
Beer Stats
Style: American Imperial IPA
IBUS (Bitterness): 80+
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 9%
Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Columbus, Cascade, and Mosaic
Color: Cloudy Dark Golden / Orangey-ish

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 90 and 92
Rate Beer: 95

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