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Indiana University’s Alpha Phi Warms Up Winter With A Recruitment Pitch [VIDEO]


Alpha Phi Indiana U Recruitment Video

It’s always exciting to see the ladies of Alpha Phi emerge from a new campus with more great video — and our cold winter hearts are definitely warmed by Indiana University‘s Alpha Phi‘s busting out with this heartfelt recruitment pitch. We’re ready to move into the Alpha Phi house right now.

Also, this is probably the most amazing mix of genuine sentimentality and over-the-top antics that we’ve ever seen in a recruitment video. We wish that more fraternities could find ways to make their cases for being a really important part of the college experience.

We hope that the Alpha Phi production crew of Lorrell Williams, Rachel Gray, Matias De Rada, and Allie Brown are out to get Marketing degrees. They could get us ready to hop onto everything from a new Adam Sandler movie to a Presidential candidate.

See for yourself with a dizzying look at both the ladies of Alpha Phi and Indiana University itself. We’ve been on the campus, but this video makes it look like a mix of Disneyland and a Michael Bay movie. Alpha Phi just adds to the magic…

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