WATCH: Rejoice! Jesse Pinkman…I Mean…Aaron Paul Is Back On Television!

Everybody, scream out “B*tch!” as loud as you can, cause Jesse Pinkman is back on television! You’re friendly neighborhood meth chef is back in action! Except, well, obviously it has nothing to do with Breaking Bad. The actor who played Jesse Pinkman, the OG Aaron Paul, is starring in a Hulu series called The Path. The first trailer just dropped a few days ago and it looks balls to the wall intense.
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Not that Paul has been struggling by any means– the dude is a genuinely great actor with solid credits to his name– but he has struggled to achieve the status he had while being virtually half of the juggernaut that was Breaking Bad (him and Mr. White, of course).
The first trailer for Hulu’s upcoming The Path features Paul, along withMichelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy, about a man who joins a cult after a crisis of faith. And in all honesty, the trailer is f*cking intense. It’s obvious Paul excels when portraying a man going through internal struggle, and his character in The Path seems to be going through exactly that.
Frankly, the world is a better place when Aaron Paul stars on a TV show. I might actually need to subscribe to Hulu just for this. The Path comes to Hulu on March 30, 2016.

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