Brother of Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey Releases Rap Song And It's So Bad It's Great

Wow. Talk about a major thing I never knew I wanted but now need. If you haven’t seen Making A Murderer, then you might as well stop reading, because none of the following is going to make sense, but if you’re apart of the 90% of the population who has seen it, then you’re going to enjoy the hell out of this article.
Y’all remember Brendan Dassey, right? The Forret Gumpian teenager who basically got mind f*cked into giving a confession when all he really wanted to do was be home in time for Wrestlemania? Yeah, so it turn’s out Brendan has a half-brother name Brad (shocker), and apparently Brad is an “indie Christian rapper”, or whatever the hell that means. Good news for fans of indie Christian rap, because Brad just dropped a banger, fittingly called “They Didn’t Do It”.
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And no, despite the hilariously bad quality of a song, it seems Brad is 100% serious in his musical endeavors. But some of these lyrics could definitely use a little help, to say the least. I could literally make this beat on my 2011 Toshiba laptop. Here are the highlights:

“not a fair trial, not a fair game”
“he’s suspicious, she’s suspicious”
“ran to Minnesota, give the guy a soda”
“he’s not guilty, there’s no way in hell, corruption made him fall, lose it all”

Brad, look man, I get you’re trying to help out, but maybe rap just isn’t for you. Maybe you should stick to the family business of murder junk yarding.
At the very least, this rap my be more effective than that petition going around. President’s can’t pardon state crimes, people!

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