Halo 5's Biggest Forge Problem Isn't Lack of Maps, It's Finding Where They're Hidden

Halo 5 is already one of the best games of the year, but 343 Industries is hoping their new Cartographer’s Gift update and the accompanying Forge mode will keep the Halo community creating new maps–thereby keeping them around for longer. And it will totally work, too… Once people actually figure out how to access that content.
The problem isn’t that there aren’t hundreds of awesome maps to play, it’s that the maps are too well hidden for their own good.
See, the problem is that no one really understands how exactly to download these fan-made Forge maps. So we’re going to help you out.

How To Download Forge Maps

As of right now, finding Forge maps isn’t the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it’s downright impossible if you don’t know where to look. Here’s the catch, though, the problem is that they’re not located in a place–they’re located on a person. That’s right, the only way to find Halo 5 Forge Maps is to follow (or friend) someone who has already bookmarked a Forge file.
So let’s take a look as to how you would do that:

Step One: Identify which Forge maps you’d like play (by searching online or referring to the helpful website ForgeChannel.com)

Step Two: Find out the Gamertag of the person who created that map.

Step Three: Follow or friend request that Gamertag.

Step Four: Check out their “File Browser” under the active roster (screen below).

Step Five: Choose Map variants > Files > then find the map you’d like to play and bookmark it by pressing in on the left stick. You should see a moving circle and a “Saved” prompt.

But rather than go ahead and find the GamerTag for each and every map creator, you can skip a lot of that by discovering Halo 5 players who have bookmarked the best maps.
Here is a list of gamers who’ve written into forums announcing they’ve bookmarked some of the best Forge Maps. Friend (or follow) these people:

• Atlantis XD
• JDHarbs (he’s got a lot of Classic maps that have been remade)

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