Russian River Brewing Company’s Blind Pig Is What’s on Tap!

Every now and then you get to try a craft beer that you have wanted to taste for a while. And sometimes the beer does not live up to the hype that has built-up in your mind. But this weekend I am drinking a brew that is fantastic and lived up to everything I hoped. This weekend Russian River Brewing Company’s Blind Pig What’s on Tap!
Russian River Brewing Company is one of those California breweries that has a certain mystic about them. Everything the produce is delicious, it seems the number of people outside of California that have tried their beers is limited, and yet everyone is the world knows about their beers. Blind Pig is no exception; it’s a wonderful, true to style IPA that I can go back to time after time.
As expected with a California IPA. Blind Pig pours a cloudy deep golden color with a huge citrus / grapefruit aroma. Each sip is filled with a nice blend of hops and citrus notes but unlike the current trend in brewing, Blind Pig finishes a little sweet and does not have a bitterness that will kick you in the teeth. In a world full of extreme bitterness it is nice to drink an IPA that has all of that IPA goodness but doesn’t have a bitterness that lasts for weeks!
I am a huge fan of IPAs like Blind Pig. If you can get your hands on one enjoy it! This weekend I am pairing this brew with some Philadelphia style pulled pork sandwiches. The sharp provolone should accompany the beer very nicely.
Beer Stats
Style: American IPA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 6.25%
Color: Cloudy Golden Almost Amber

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 96 and —
Rate Beer: 100

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