WATCH: Making A Murderer Lawyers Review The Steven Avery Case On Fox

If your holiday wasn’t spent watching Netflix’s Making A Murderer, then, well … I really don’t know what to say to you: you’re pretty hopeless.  Check it out ASAP, because the latest true-crime documentary from Netflix is absolutely flooring. The world unbelievable is tossed around too lightly in today’s world, but in the case of Steven Avery, it truly is unbelievable. As in: I cannot believe this took place in the real world and not in an artfully crafted piece of fiction. This documentary was literally 100 times better than the second season of True Detective 
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First, is Ken Kratz, the perv who was eventually accused of sexual misconduct, who was the state of Wisconsin’s lead prosecutor in the case against Avery (they REALLY nailed that one, by the way). Kratz practically implodes from the stone cold questioning from Conservative unicorn dime piece Megyn Kelly (who we LOVE.)
Next comes one of Avery’s lawyers, Dean Strang who A) seems like a boss a** lawyer, and B) seemed like one of the only morally correct people on the documentary. Our girl Megyn is an equal opportunity journalist, and went just as hard on Strang as she did on Kratz. Except Strang more than held his own. As he did in the documentary, Strang came in hot, dropping absolute truth bombs. If you watched the documentary, this video is an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH. Seeing the two main lawyers from the case reargue the evidence almost 9 years after the convictions show just how poignant, and how emotionally involved, these lawyers were.
If your as jacked up by Making A Murderer as I was, check out and sign the petitions for both Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey.

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