These Are The Top Ten Least-Sexy Cities in America

Vacationing is automatically deemed sexy, despite wherever it is you’re traveling to. You’re off from work! You’re probably with a hot partner (we hope)! And if you’re not, you’re probably going to meet somewhere there and have awesome vacation sex! And best of all, you’re bound to have a few adventures you wouldn’t dream of encountering in your hometown!
Sexy, sexy, sexy.
But according to a recent survey from, traveling isn’t that sexy if you’re vacationing in Tampa, Florida.
According to the travel dating site, the following ten cities had the highest rates of rejection when people were offered trips there:

  1. Tampa, Florida: 96.42%
  2. Detroit, Michigan: 93.75%
  3. St. Paul, Minnesota: 93.33%
  4. Charleston, South Carolina: 88.24%
  5. West Palm Beach, Florida: 87.18%
  6. Virginia Beach, Virginia: 86.67%
  7. Brooklyn, New York: 82.22%
  8. Phoenix, Arizona: 81.48%
  9. Houston, Texas: 78.26%
  10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 77.78%

Ok first of all, who would reject a trip to Tampa, Florida? You get to sit on a beach all day! Sure, it’s no Miami or Fort Lauderdale, but there’s still a beach, cocktails, and beautiful women in bikinis walking around, so what’s the deal? Sounds pretty sexy to us!
Also, considering I live in Brooklyn, I take personal offense to #7. New Yorkers are totally sexy! And so is awesome pizza! WTF is wrong with people?!