Woman Blasts Restaurant on Facebook After Staff Cared For Heart Attack Victim Instead of Her

In case you’re looking for a heartfelt story from 2016, you’ve come to the wrong place – all we’ve got here is a complete a**hole.
The Internet is currently hating on Holly Jones, a woman who went to Indianapolis restaurant Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill on New Year’s Eve only to have her meal ruined by a woman having a heart attack.
Well yeah, that’s f*cking rude, amirite?!
Like the brilliant specimen she is, Jones had the audacity to post her complaints to Facebook in a lengthy rant that’s as sad as it is riddled with exclamation points. Umm… weird.
Happy holidays, you guys!
According to the Daily Mail, the 57-year-old woman Jones is referring to was having dinner with her husband when she suddenly fell ill. The woman was treated on the bar floor by paramedics and is expected to survive.
Luckily the restaurant’s manager Chris Burton showed awesome customer service and got back to her immediately.
Jones has since deleted her Facebook account and complained to Burton that she did not write the message, but her page was instead hacked. She also demanded an apology from the restaurant, “claiming they should have had more respect for her as she was eating with firefighters and veterans, even though someone with her that night called in to apologize.”
So not only is she an a**hole, but she’s also batsh*t crazy.
Jones’s employer Serenity Salon has since issued a statement after numerous posters called for her firing.
Will people ever learn not to post sh*tty things online? The Internet is an angry, cruel place! You should know better.

UPDATE: Holly Jones has since been fired from her job at Serenity Spa.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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