This College Has The Highest Sex Drive, According to OkCupid

Listen, college kids are frisky. And if you don’t believe us, you should at least believe OkCupid.
The popular dating app conducted a lengthy survey to figure out the horniest colleges in the nation, and the #1 spot is pretty damn surprising. Yale University took the place of some of the craziest schools out there – namely ASU and FSU – and came in as the top school with the highest sex drive. Granted, the students at both party universities probably don’t need the same kind of help Yale students do, and aren’t using the app because of it, but the findings are surprising nonetheless.
Who knew those Ivy League geniuses even wanted to get laid in the first place?!
Here’s the top 20 list:
1. Yale University
2. Vanderbilt University
3. Brown University
4. Duke University
5. Washington University in St. Louis
6. University of Notre Dame
7. John Hopkins University
8. Cornell University
9. Columbia
10. Dartmouth College
11. Northwestern University
12. Rice University
13. Stanford
14. University of Pennsylvania
15. Princeton
16. University of California, Berkeley
17. Harvard
18. University of Chicago
19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20. California Institute of Technology
Wow. So that was pretty telling – basically every smart kid out there needs some help in the love department. Noted. But not only did Yale come in at #1 on this list, they were also voted most attractive.
Could this be because they’re also most likely to make the most dough out of any other OkCupid user? The world may never know… but we do know that people are shallow f*cks, so it’s likely.

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