Cleanthony Early Shooting: Full Story and Must See Details

Cleanthony Early is reportedly in stable condition after the NY Knicks player was shot once in the right knee around 4:30 AM while waiting outside a strip club. He was released from Elmhurst Hospital earlier this morning.. (Lead image by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
The attack on the former Wichita State star happened around 4:30 AM after the 24-year-old Bronx native left the CityScapes Gentlemen’s Club (pictured below) on 58th Street and jumped into a livery car. The NY Post claims that Early and his female companion were messing around in the back seat for a couple of blocks before the cab was boxed in by other cars.
It is believed the shooting was part of a robbery, although he was actually shot after he surrendered everything to the four to six people in ski masks.

“One of the men demanded, “give me everything you got” — including the gold caps in Early’s teeth. Early forked over the [gold tooth] caps, cash, two gold chains with medallions and an iPhone6 [source]”

For the record, let’s hope they mean a gold grill, not caps. That would be painful. The woman who was in attendance with Cleanthony was not harmed.

This story comes just weeks after Knicks Forward Derrick Williams was robbed of $750K worth of jewelry by two women he invited into his home.
Now that we’ve given you the facts, let’s get one thing straight: Cleanthony Early was set up. Maybe it was the driver, maybe it was that chick, or maybe it was someone at the club with him. Either way this is probably the last time you hear of Cleanthony messing around.
As a Knicks fan, this is awful to hear. This year the Knicks have been promising at times, horrible at other times. Off the court issues continue to haunt a franchise that’s blessed to be in the greatest city in the world–but with the opportunities come poor decisions. Derek Fisher vs. Matt Barnes (don’t tell me Fisher is complicit in that attack, he is). Derrick Williams. And now going to the strip club at 4:30 in the AM.
I know you don’t have a game until Friday but the young buck needs to learn that he doesn’t need to be chilling at a QUEENS STRIP CLUB AT 4:30 in the AM. At least go to Rick’s Cabaret in the heart of Manhattan where things are safer. Maybe Lonnie would even hook it up for you.

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