WATCH: Chinese Man Sets Up Flash Mob For Proposal, Gets Rejected

You’re probably a couple years away from proposing to your girlfriend, but do yourself a favor and stash away these three keys to success before you get down on one knee.

  1. Don’t propose on Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, or either of your birthdays.
  2. Hire a photographer or videographer to record the special moment.
  3. Don’t hire a flash mob as part of your proposal.

These three pieces of advice are absolutely crucial to a happy life, and even forgetting one is cause for disaster as this one Chinese man can attest all too well.
Yep, that’s her rejecting him in front of all those people
Let’s get one thing straight: flash mobs were never cool. Four or five years ago they always went “viral” because your mom or dad would think they were awesome and would share the videos on Facebook, but that doesn’t make them cool. And now, in 2015, they’re especially lame.
So why did the woman say no? The information on the video leads us to believe that the diamond was too small, but the truth is 100% because this loser hired a flash mob to be a part of his proposal.
Ironically enough, if he hadn’t spent all that money on those stupid dancers, he might have been able to buy a more expensive ring. The double whammy is that he adhered to rule #2 and got the whole thing on film.

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