These Are The Best Christmas Decorations On Fraternity Houses

Best Frat House Christmas Decorations

Despite the stereotype that all fraternity houses are gross and disgusting, the brothers of any self-respecting house will go all out during the holiday season–decorating their homes with trees, Christmas lights, and whatever else was on sale at Walmart.

It turns into a friendly competition of sorts with each house trying to outspend and outdo the others. In addition to getting some attention from the ladies, The exercise also serves as a great way to distract yourself from the impending finals that will ruin your life for a two-week stretch.

The SAE brothers at UCLA even used their Christmas decorations as a great way to show their support for Lexi, a friend of theirs battling cancer in a hospital room across the street.

We’ve scoured the web for this year’s best houses and came up with these frat castles with the most Christmas spirit.

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