Google Releases Free New Star Wars Game That Turns Your Phone Into Lightsaber

Star Wars Lightsaber Escape Game

Star Wars fever is at an all-time high right now, and Google in their infinite wisdom just released the greatest game FOR FREE ever. (Technically it’s a Google Experiment, but we know it’s really just an awesome game).

We’re talking about Lightsaber Escape and the game turns your cell phone into a lightsaber, allowing you to battle tons of Stormtroopers in your online browser as you try and escape a from a First Order Star Destroyer. This is part of the awesome collaboration between Disney and Google we talked about.

Lightsaber Escape

First things first, you’re going to need to enter this URL ( into your phone’s browser. That website will then give you a unique code to calibrate your phone with your computer.

Star Wars LIghtsaber Escape

Once you’ve followed the prompts and set up your phone and your computer browser, you’ll be taken to a tutorial of sorts.

Essentially you have to wave your phone around to deflect the blaster bolts back into the stormtroopers as you try and make your way off the Star Destroyer. Here’s one of the first corridors you’re tasked with escaping.

Star Wars Lightsaber Escape

Eventually, with enough practice and patience you’ll make it into a dry dock on the Star Destroyer.

Since we’re just lowly bloggers with no real knowledge on computer engineering, we have no idea how Google’s able to accomplish this. All we care about is that the game should work on all browsers, not just Chrome.

Here’s a photo of us playing it.


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