A Mass Farting Attack is Set to Counter UT Austin's Mock Shooting

Students of University of Texas at Austin are taking a stand against the overwhelming number of gun activists who want to take over their campus this weekend with a mock shooting by staging a different kind of attack – a mass farting.

Needless to say, this is absolutely amazing.
The event is more thoroughly explained in the Facebook group, MASS FARTING: Say No To Gun Violence at UT.

**NOTE: We can’t be on campus, so meet at the sidewalk area right at the West Mall and Guadalupe, just across from the Coop!**
Pro-gun extremists have announced that they will be doing a mock mass shooting on the UT Austin campus this Saturday afternoon. Let’s respond to their fear with something funny: a mass farting (and dildo waving).
How does it work? It’s easy!
1. Get a farting device. We’ll have a handful of the new “Fart Blaster” toys from the movie Minions, but if you can get one go buy one (or more!) at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us or wherever. We will find a gift charity to give them to after the event. You can also use this Android farting app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mike.fart.sounds). If that doesn’t work get a whoopee cushion, use your hands, or just eat a bunch of breakfast tacos and bring the real deal!
2. Also acceptable: dildos. You know where to get them, you filthy bastard.
3. Show up to UT at 2 PM on Saturday. They are starting at 2:30 so we want to be there first. Let’s meet across from the Co-op, on the sidewalk.
We’ll find these wackos and follow them around, farting and waving dildos at them. Also feel free to bring signs, other noisemakers, wear costumes, or otherwise prepare to really put a smile on people’s faces.
We won’t let extremists terrify our community. We will meet their fear with laughter. Please join us!

Both protests were originally scheduled to take place on campus, but school officials have threatened participants with trespassing.
Now THIS is how you get your opinion out there. We’re stoked to see how this turns out.

[H/T: Total Fraternity Move]

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