This Video Proves Donald Trump Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To America

We’re still talking about Donald Trump, aren’t we? I remember back in the summer when the Trumpanator was just starting his campaign. Everyone thought it such a refreshing take on elections and politics.
Well, fast forward four months and everyone is really, really, sick of Trump. Between his incendiary comments about Muslims, Mexicans, and virtually every other group of people, Trump has long overstayed his welcome. And FIANLLY, Americans are catching on.

In light of his most recent outrageous comments, claiming to Barbara Walters that he (Trump) was the “worst thing to happen to ISIS”, Jimmy Kimmel Live set to find out how true that really is. The premise is simple: ask random strangers to finish the sentence “Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to….”. While the idea may be basic, the results are profoundly hilarious.
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