Lehigh Football Players Broke Into Wrong House Trying To Get Revenge, All Got Arrested

Brian Githens and six other Lehigh University Mountain Hawks football players have been charged and arraigned in connection to a case of breaking and entering, then assault. Police say that Brian and others broke into an off-campus house at 518 Pierce St, wrecked the house and then assaulted the sleeping resident, sending him to the hospital.
The reason? To get revenge on a beating that Brian’s fraternity president had received earlier this November. Noble, but stupid. The only problem was that Brian and company broke into the wrong house.

Police have said Githens punched Samuel Hernandez several times in the face, causing a concussion and “busted lip.” Githens admitted he broke into the home in retribution for an assault of his fraternity president, but admitted he had gone to the wrong home and attacked the wrong person, according to police.

Githens himself was charged up to a month ago, but just yesterday the six other players were arraigned in connection. Police also say that four other Mountain Hawks players admitted to joining Brian, but that only he had assaulted the resident.

Jacob Scott, 19, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Maxwell Frankel, 18, of Odessa, Florida; Dylan J. Parsons, 20, of Warminster, Pennsylvania; and Noah Scott Robb, 21, of North Whitehall Township. Police identified two additional accomplices as: Michael D. Gies, 19, of Pennington, New Jersey; and Mark D. Walker, 19, of Haddonfield, New Jersey [source].

Brian faces charges of felony burglary, in addition to simple assault and criminal mischief.

It’d be unreal to assume that Division I-AA college football players wouldn’t want to get revenge for their fraternity president who was beaten up, but there are better ways to do it than by breaking and entering. Also, how do you not know the identity of the person before you beat their face in? Were the lights off? Did he not turn them on once he heard you come into his house and punch holes in his wall?
All things considered, Brian’s actually pretty lucky that the resident wasn’t packing heat. Pennsylvania laws can be pretty lenient when it comes to protecting your home with firearms.

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