Homeless Dude Finds Some Luck, Gets Rich Off Lottery Ticket

Michael Engfors is the f*king man.
The 60-year-old homeless man from Colorado has officially made it big – he just won $500,000 from a lucky lottery ticket.
Born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Engfors has been homeless for the last six years after losing his business, getting divorced from his wife, and struggling with alcohol addiction.
Friday his luck changed when he found out that he had a winning lottery ticket.
After checking the numbers on his own, Engfors took the ticket to a nearby gas station to get it verified. He then spent his last weekend sleeping on the floor of Saint Mary Catholic Church.

“I asked him what he was gonna do, and he said he wanted to get some skis and he really wanted to connect with his daughter who he hadn’t seen in over 20 years,” [Jeremy Kowalis with the Aspen Homeless Shelter] said. “He’s interested in trying to find out how to go about reaching her and re-connecting with her, now that he’s got a little bit more means to do so.”
Engfors plans to purchase a plane ticket to go visit his daughter, wherever she may be.
The director of the Aspen Homeless Shelter drove Engfors to Grand Junction Monday to begin the process of collecting his earnings.

So next time someone tells you that you’re not going anywhere in life, just tell them this story! There’s always a chance your flourishing issues with alcohol and money can end on a positive note. Keep your fingers crossed!

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