Doyle Miller Photos: Landlord of San Bernardino Shooters

Doyle Miller was the landlord of the apartment where Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farooq, the husband and wife responsible for the mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, lived.

Doyle first became part of the story when he opened up the apartment he had rented to Syed and Tashfeen to the media after it had been sealed with plywood by the FBI. The question is whether or not he gave the media permission to enter the house. Some reports indicate that once he took down the plywood, media bum rushed the house. Others state that he invited the media in.

Either way, it’s obvious what the media was there to do: find photos of Tashfeen Malik, the suspect whose photos hadn’t appeared anywhere. The belief was that the apartment would definitely have pictures of personal items that would give America a look at its latest monster. Lo and behold, the first pictures of Tashfeen were revealed seconds after the reporters gained access.

Eventually, Doyle kicked everyone out the apartment which had been completely ransacked by investigators earlier. Afterwards, the polite gentleman kindly answered questions from the media and reporters. When interviewed by the swarm of reporters and journalists outside the apartment, Doyle described the suspects as “good tenants” who “paid on time.

He was also heard inside the apartment saying to himself, “this is incredible.”

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