Inland Regional Center Shooting: Must See Facts & Details

The San Bernardino Fire Department responded to a mass shooting on the 1300 Block of S Waterman around 11:30 AM PST. Early reports indicated it was at either a golf course or a Planned Parenthood center, but we now know this is not the case. The shooting took place at the Inland Regional Center, a government agency center.

Update: It has now been confirmed that Syed Farook, an employee at the Inland DRC, and his wife Tashfeen Malik were responsible for the shooting.

Update 5:00 PM EST: The San Bernardino Police Department press conference announced that at least 14 people are dead. Upwards of 14 people are also injured. Police have not confirmed this is a terrorist act. There is no known motive at this time.

As of right now, the situation is being called an “active shooter” scene. There are reports indicating that anywhere between 20-40 people have been shot. It is believed that three men with rifles are responsible.
President Obama has been briefed on the situation and gave a speech about it. You can view his comments here.

The San Bernardino Police Department will give a press conference at 4:45 PM EST / 1:45 PM PST.

Update 2:37 PM EST: Listening to the police broadcast, there were 30 hostages who just walked out of a building. No word on whether or not they were released or freed by SWAT teams. No word on if they were actually hostages, that was just the term the police used.
Update 2:57 PM EST: There’s a suspected bomb in one of the buildings on the northernmost side. Robots will be removing the IED.
Update 3:28 PM EST: People are still golfing on the nearby course and finishing their rounds…
Update 4:21 PM EST: Waterman Discount Mall is being evacuated after reports of possible gunman are being called in. Allegedly someone came in the back, fired shots, and walked out the front.
Update 4:26 PM EST: That POSSIBLE suspect was last seen running north towards Waterman Gardens. Reportedly wearing camo jacket and brown khaki shorts.

2 Shooting Suspects

Update: We now know the name of the two shooters.

Some witnesses describe three people with ski masks, tactical vests and rifles as responsible for the shooting. These witnesses report that at least one man was last seen taking off in a dark SUV leaving northbound from the facility parking lot.
According to a witness we heard through the police scanner, an unidentified man came into a building (still unknown) acted nervous and then left. 20 minutes later, the shooting began.
Another witness says that one of the shooters may have been an employee who left early, then came back. This same witness describes one of the masked shooters as the same height and build of that employee.
Some witnesses reported the guns were “AK-47 type” rifles.
Another report from FoxNewsLA indicates the shooting might have begun in a conference center.

Update 3:35 PM EST: Traffic police indicate that a man driving a black Yukon was just seen driving near the scene. The driver was wearing a black mask. No word on whether or not they’re related.
Update 3:46 PM EST: Two males were just seen removing black clothing on Hunt’s Bridge Overpass.
Update 3:56 PM EST: A dark SUV nearby the center was found at a vacated restaurant.
Update 5:06 PM EST: There’s a car on the golf course that was found to have multiple guns inside it.

San Bernardino Shooting Location

The location of the shooting hasn’t been released yet, but clues indicate that it may have been at the Inland Regional Center. Police are talking about clearing multiple buildings and the InlandRC has a total of three buildings.
The website for that IRCenter is currently down because of an overwhelming amount of traffic. The Inland Regional Center is the largest employer for coordinating services for the developmentally disabled. The serve over 30,000 people a year.
The center was hosting an event (possibly an awards ceremony or holiday party) when the gunmen entered shooting.

Update 12/04:

Photos of inside Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik’s house have been released. Two photos show a female’s passport.

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