These Colleges Charge The Highest Student Application Fees, WHY?!

It’s bad enough that colleges want to charge you a sh*t ton of money for the four years that you’re there, so why would they also charge you an insanely high student application fee to boot?
Some questions may never be answered. But unfortunately U.S. News wants to rub your nose in your empty wallet nonetheless. The site recently compiled a list of schools with the highest student application fees and we’re already feeling a bit nauseous.
Here’s the top ten:
Stanford University – $90
Columbia University – $85
Duke University – $85
Boston University – $80
Dartmouth University – $80
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – $80
University of Southern California – $80
Villanova University – $80
Yale University – $80
Brandeis University – $75
WTF?! Considering it costs about $65,000 a year to go to Stanford, we’re here to deliver school administrators a formal “f*ck you.” HOW MUCH MONEY COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED?!
According to U.S. News, these fees can pile up pretty quickly, considering how many schools freshmen are applying to these days. In 2013 32% of incoming students applied to seven or more schools. Our bank account just hurts thinking about it.
On the bright side, the average amount that students pay for an application fee is $41 and the most common fee is $50. But still – JUST MAKE IT FREE! JESUS!
Ok, end rant.

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