Do You Know More About Football Than Melanie Collins? Prove It & Win Cash

Melanie Collins

How awesome would it be to get paid for your NFL knowledge? Very awesome–and that’s where FANCLASH.COM comes into play. FANCLASH is the first website that pays you cash for your sports trivia knowledge. You can play whenever and wherever (take that DraftKings) you like, but tonight we’re running a special Celebrity Event promotion that will put you against two other players to see who knows more about the NFL from 2010-2015.
Tonight’s celebrity is Melanie Collins, who may look familiar to you from either her time on Fox Sports or on the Golf Channel’s Big Break. She’s willing to bet that she knows more about football than you do.
Here are the rules:

• Players will compete in 3-person Multiplayer 10-question trivia questions, with a $1 entry fee per contest
• The Top 2 players in each contest get paid
• ANYONE who beats Melanie’s high score during the event will get a $10 credit to their account–this is real cash.
• The top scorer in the event will earn 2 tickets to an 2015 NFL game in the players city of choice, with a max value of $250 total for both tickets.

So yeah, bragging rights, straight cash and two tickets to see an NFL game of your choice. Not bad for Tuesday night in with a hot sportscaster.
The only thing we don’t know exactly is what you’re still doing reading this…

Sign up for FANCLASH now!

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