Fallout 4 Gamers Are Already Making Unbelievable Structures In Workshop Mode

There’s a lot of awesome stuff to mess around with in Fallout 4, but easily the biggest surprise to players has been the ability to build your own houses, shelters, and even mansions with the new workshop mode.
Important note: There are no spoilers anywhere in this post, so feel free to read away!
Some of you have probably ignored the entire workshop mode in lieu of playing the main story or side quests. That’s great and all, but I would suggest that maybe you spend some time exploring what exactly is possible within workshop because then you’ll become addicted like Mama Murphy to chems.
Overall the process of building a house with power (helpful guide for that here) can be pretty time consuming, which is why we suggest checking out some “how to videos” on YouTube once you get acquainted with things. Similarly, we also suggest checking out some incredible examples of structures other talented/more dedicated/unemployed gamers have put together.
We went through pretty much every medium we could find (XboxDVR, reddit, Twitter, Tumblr) to find you the most notable buildings that exist right now. Check them out below:

If you have one you’d like to share, send it our way!

Fallout 4 Hotel (Sanctuary Hills)

This is probably the most incredible accomplishment I’ve seen on Fallout 4. In addition to this massive hotel, the gamer has also written an awesome how-to on how to build a settlement that includes “2x Mega Structures (30+ settler buildings) as well as a Nightclub, Hotel, Bath House, Armory and many many more.” Read the “How To” here.

Rebuilt Castle Wall

The Castle is probably one of the settlements you’ll want to build up when you discover it, but there are some obvious and glaring problems with it. Mostly the wall. But check out what this one wasteland wanderer did to repair it!

[protected-iframe id=”aa03374df9d486241b929cbd81ac1538-3508545-22621496″ info=”//imgur.com/a/yJMHD/embed” width=”100%” height=”550″ frameborder=”0″ class=”imgur-album”]

EZ Sanctuary Defense

[protected-iframe id=”f2a3288fc4b2cf5ab30634640d2e83d0-3508545-22621496″ info=”http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/holden4ever/video/12667319/embed” width=”656″ height=”369″ frameborder=”0″]
This setup at Sanctuary Hills isn’t as grandiose as some of the other setups, but it uses the terrain and existing buildings well. Plus it’s probably pretty easy to defend the settlement. Great starting build that allows for a lot of open space.

Sanctuary Hills Gate House

One way to ensure that your Sanctuary Hills settlement is safe is to secure the bridge that leads into town with a massive gate house. The only suggestion I would have would be to separate the turrets a bit more so that they don’t get the splash damage from explosions, but overall it’s very impressive.

Tree House

Very interesting use of trees and the idea that placing stairs first can lead to the use of surrounding landscape.

Sanctuary Hills Castle

I call it that because the front entrance looks like you can only get there from the bridge which is stacked with automatic defenses.


Wasteland’s Very Own “Boom Boom Room”

[protected-iframe id=”e425a5eb318f97e681f3718c441416b5-3508545-22621496″ info=”//imgur.com/a/rDnOo/embed” width=”100%” height=”550″ frameborder=”0″ class=”imgur-album”]
Out of all the Fallout 4 buildings I’ve seen, this is my favorite–mostly because it’s the most realistic “comfy” looking home I’ve seen built in the fictional game.

The Boomin House (Sanctuary Hills)

Simple and small, but you can’t help but acknowledge the boomin-ness of this house. Also, respect for building a basketball hoop in the crib room to teach your kid that ball is life.

Cribs-Style Fallout 4 Garage


It’s fair to say that this kind of garage is something we can all aspire to.

Various Fallout 4 Interior Decorating Ideas


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