WATCH: Someone Has Already Modded Fallout 4 To Work In VR

Fallout 4 Oculus Rift VR

Fallout 4 is amazing, we get that. But you know what’d be more amazing? Fallout 4 on an Oculus Rift!

Unfortunately the game just came out, though, so we’re going to have to wait at least a couple of days before the modding community gets their hands on… wait, what? An Oculus Rift version of Fallout 4 is already available, less than 12 hours after the official release? Well that’s just fantastic!

Check out a clip of the game below.

According to the YouTube page, the game itself runs on vorpX, a virtual reality 3D-driver you need to buy and download for your PC. One legendary member of the vorpX community, named Ralph, has already uploaded an apparently bug-free version of the game.

But Ralph and vorpX aren’t going to be enough–you’re also going to need your own Oculus Rift.

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