Berkeley High School Student Posts Lynching Message Online, Protests Erupt Throughout City

Protests have run rampant in Los Angeles over the last 24 hours after a racist message was posted on a Berkeley High School computer. The message read “KKK Forever Public Lynching December 9th 2015” and showed a photo of a student sitting in front of the library. Shortly after, the Black Student Union posted their anger – along with the post – on Twitter:

The school has since announced that a freshman at the school admitted to the post, but administrators have failed to reveal the student’s name.
In an email sent out to students and faculty Thursday night, Principal Sam Pasarow explained that the student was identified after an extensive investigation and confessed right after protests started to run rampant. Nearly 1,500 students marched through the streets to show their fear and anger over the message.
In the email Pasarow explained, “All I can share is that we are considering all available consequences for the individual in response to the widespread hurt that these actions caused.”
No other details were given due to student privacy laws, according to administrators. For several, the reasoning is infuriating, while others think it’s a way for people to push a hoax under the rug:

Others have shown their support and outright disgust:

Check back for updates on what’s going on with Berkeley High School.

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