WATCH: Kids Bash Donald Trump For Being a Racist Idiot (Their Words, Not Mine… Sorta)

We’ve watched Donald Trump pretty closely these last few weeks as the GOP presidential hopeful somehow climbed his way up the polls despite putting his foot in his mouth every time there was a camera in his face. From the live berating of Megyn Kelly during the first republican debate, to his asinine plan for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, to his rambunctious Twitter ream-outs, you’d think Trump would have been on his way out by now. Sadly, this has yet to happen.

But don’t give up faith, America! There’s still time to get him to move on out, and this new politicalĀ video from Deport Racism isĀ aiming to make a difference. Featuring a bunch of Latino kids cursing him off in Spanish and calling him a racist dick, the video provides the viewer with some pretty horrifying information while giving a good laugh – because kids cursing is f*cking hilarious.

Check it out below.

[H/T: Vice]

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