Here Are The Shows That Will Air On Viceland, The New 24-Hour Cable Network

VICE just announced that alongside A&E, they’re launching a brand-new 24-hour cable channel called Viceland that will be filled with original content they’ve been compiling for years. Most of you are probably more than familiar with VICE’s documentary-style works, maybe from their website, YouTube channel, or even the HBO show, but they’re hoping to show you even more with Viceland.
Update–2/2/2016: Vice has named Spike Jonez and Eddie Moretti as co-presidents of the network. The channel will be replacing A&E’s H2 documentary and entertainment channel.
From what we can tell, Viceland will start with 11 original, new shows–some of which are hosted by famous celebrities you know well: Ellen Page, Eddie Huang, Michael K. Scott, and Action Bronson. We’ve done our best to list them and give a little background on each show.
Gaycation: Hosted by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel, Gaycation will act as a gay travel series that will look into how the various cities’ attitudes and how they treat the LGBT community. Among the places they visit are Brazil and Tokyo.

Huang’s World: Anyone who knows anything about VICE is well aware of Eddie Huang of Fresh Off The Boat fame. Pretty much anything that Eddie touches turns to gold so it shouldn’t matter too much, but expect him to travel the world in search of different cuisines.

Weediquette: Technically Weediquette is a VICE column about the use of marijuana and the ongoing fight to legalize the drug, but we’re excited to see what stories come out of the show.

Noisey: Noisey has been VICE’s music outlet for some time now and we expect to see more of their coverage on their show. In the preview video embedded above, we caught glimpses of Snoop Dogg talking about Compton and the Bloods.

Flophouse: We’re not entirely sure what the angle of  Flophouse is, but it seems to be a standup comedy show that’s hosted at a crappy abandoned house.

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