Transgender Model Loiza Lamers Wins Holland's Next Top Model

Transgender model Loiza Lamers won Holland’s Next Top Model last night and 643,000 people tuned in to witness it.
The 20-year-old model is the first Transgendered woman to win the reigning Next Top Model title and she’s kind of surprised about it.
“When I announced that I was born a boy, I knew I would face attention”, she said according to AD. “Luckily I received nothing but nice and sweet reactions to my participation from people. And anyone who took offense just walked circles around me.”
Lamers promptly took to Instagram after the announcement to thank her supportive fans: “Dear all!!! Thank you for all your votes sweet comments and support. I am so very happy with everything I got to experience. Thanks thanks thanks!”

Regardless of what you think about this, we think it’s pretty awesome. Congrats Loiza!

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