Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Couples

It’s almost Halloween, and we know there’s a ton of people out there still looking for an awesome costume (us included). Of course we’d prefer to wait until the last minute as we are incredibly lazy and brilliance strikes right at the last moment, right? AM I RIGHT?! We’re right – but we can’t totally procrastinate when we have an additional person hounding us about Halloween costume ideas.

Anyway, we’ve already covered some pretty sickĀ last minute costumes for all of the single people out there (sorry sad single people, we don’t judge you), and now we’re moving on to couples. Because it’s way more interesting to dress up with someone else – especially when that someone else is really hot and doesn’t totally hate you. Score!

Check out the best last minute Halloween costumes for couples and don’t forget to thank us when you look awesome the day of – or when you get laid.

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