Lagunitas Brewing Company's Doppel Sticky is What's on Tap!

Anytime I can get my hands on a new craft beer it is a good day. Currently “new beers” are somewhat easy to come by as more and more breweries producing “one-offs” and small batch beers. This weekend I am enjoying a one-off from a great west coast brewery; this weekend Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Doppel Stick is What’s on Tap!
Lagunitas is known for their “big beers,” beers that are never thin and full of flavor. When I read the description, “Altbier” I was expecting a fruity, somewhat boozy, cross between German and strong ale-type brew. I was not expecting Doppel Sticky to have a very hop-forward taste (however after remembering this is Lagunitas after all and if they do anything well it is hoppy beers!)
Doppel’s aroma is akin to a west coast session IPA nice citrusy and hop combination that is inviting. But it does confuse the drinker a bit because of its “Doppel” label. Each sip is very hop forward, which is also confusing, but the finish does have a bit of a “sticky” taste to it – which comes from the hops. Honestly I was expecting something drastically different from a beer that is labeled an “Altbier” however I found this brew to be very enjoyable.
Because of the subtleties to this brew I think it would pair well with many dishes, the hops and fruitiness provide this beer to be versatile when it comes to food pairings. This weekend I am slow cooking a pork tenderloin that should pair nicely with the Doppel Sticky.
Beer Stats
Style: AltBier
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.7%
Original Gravity: 1.075
IBU: 66
Color: Orangeish

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 90 and —
Rate Beer: 96

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