Easy Halloween Costumes 2015: Top 10 Best Costumes For Guys

Guy’s don’t ask for much, especially when it comes to Halloween. All we want is a cheap, easy Halloween costume that is funny and looks decent (we don’t even need it to be good, just decent!)
Look, I love Halloween just as much as the next guy. People drink more than they need to, and everyone either looks incredibly hot or unbelievably funny. Sounds like a win, win, win to me. Cept’, there’s one aspect of Halloween that remains brushed under the rug. A whole faction of Halloweener’s (weiners?) misrepresented.

I’m talking about the bros. The dudes who just wanna have a good time, and participate in the holiday, but not break the bank doing so. See, it’s much easier for chicks. Wear all black and by some fake cat ears, and boom, you’re Catwoman. Find a skirt and some glasses, and you’re the world’s sexiest school girl. But for guys, there’s nothing really readily available in our wardrobes that we can fashion into costumes. Or maybe there is, and we don’t see it/know how to pull it off. Doesn’t matter. Point is, unless you got money to blow, most dudes are looking to save a couple bucks when it comes to their Halloween costume. For example, for the last two years, I’ve been a construction worker and a cholo, using literally the same outfit. All I did was change the hat I was wearing and which buttons I decided to leave undone. Simplicity at it’s finest.
So, for the guys like me who aren’t ballin’ enough (yet) to drop $200 on a costume, here are some legit cheap Halloween costumes.


1. Netflix & Chill

This guy is a legend. I want to shake your hand good sir.


2. Men In Black/Secret Service

Either or works, depending if you want to dole out the bread for an alien gun.


3. Plank From Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy

Gonna be a little hard to pull in this one, but you should get a ton of compliments from 90’s kids.


4. Walter White

If you’re not into the whole shaved-head Heisenberg look, find a pair of old glasses, some tighty-whiteys, and a green button down from the thrift store, and you’ve got yourself Season 1 Walter White. Anyone worth a damn will understand the costume and give you appropriate props.


5. Clark Kent

Warner Bros
Want to be Superman but don’t feel like buying the costume? Easy fix. Grab your suit (every guy reading this should have on at this point in their lives), some fake glasses, and a Superman t-shirt that you can find at literally any mall in America, and you’re basically Superman.


6. Your Facebook Page

All this one takes is a cardboard box, access to a printer, and a glue stick. That’s as easy as it gets.


7. Napoleon Dynamite

This costume will always be recognizable to millenials and can be made out of stuff you probably already own. Other than the wig, obviously.


8. Risky Business Tom Cruise

Warner Bros.
Even if most people our age don’t know what Risky Business is anymore, they recognize the look nonetheless. I own every single one of these items, and you should too.


9. Life

Write life on a plain white tee and hand out lemons. It’s simple and hilarious, which is all you can really ask for.


10. The Walking Dead Guy

It seems like everyone and their mother’s love The Walking Dead, so why not be Rick Grimes. People love this dude, especially girls, so grab some slim black jeans, some boots, a toy gun, and a dull colored button down, and you’ll be slaying zombies chicks in no time.



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