Disclosure Tore Up The LA Sports Arena, Watch The Recap On AmEx Unstaged

Its midterm season here at USC but the buzz around campus is still alive and well. Football season is underway, and students are busy with their class and social routines. For me, every day is hectic: from practice to class, to tutoring, to meetings, to sleep and back again! Whenever I’m not at one of these mandatory gatherings for athletics or academics I like to find myself a nice study break. In Los Angeles, that’s never a difficult task. After all, it is the entertainment capital of the world!
Last night, after I had finished my last assignment and before I started studying for a midterm (that was scheduled for 10 AM the next morning) I decided to ride my bike a mile down the road to check out Disclosure at the LA Sports Arena! It was 9 PM on a Tuesday night before a midterm, but come on people, you do only live once.

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When I heard the vibration of the building, I knew the event was gonna be hyped. I walked inside the arena to a sold out crowd that was jumping and singing to the soul-bumping music of Howard and Guy Lawrence, better known as Disclosure. The vibration of the huge bass speakers reverberated through the floor and into the crowd which looked like a sweaty, pulsing mob of excited college students at a frat party. In a way, that’s what it was. I joined in. This was really living!
After a few songs, we were drenched but there was no energy lost. I could see hundreds of hands held high and smiles all over the venue! People were dancing, people were laughing, people were drinking. All in the name of good music and good company. It didn’t matter the day or venue.
After about a minute break, Disclosure dropped a bomb and brought out Sam Smith! The crowd went absolutely nuts when Disclosure and Smith performed “Latch” together to end the night and send over 10 thousand fans home with a magical finish to an experience they will remember (or not remember) forever.
People who missed the show can relive the excitement at AmExUnstaged.com or in the American Express Unstaged App (click the link above).

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