Navy's Keenan Reynolds Gets Closer to Setting Rushing TD Record [VIDEO]

Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds is going to get a lot more attention this season than your regular Navy quarterback, since he seems set to break the NCAA record that Montee Ball set for rushing touchdowns way back in 2012. Yeah, it seems that records get broken a lot faster nowadays. [Photo: Rob Carr/Getty]
Montee ran for 77 touchdowns while at Wisconsin. Keenan is now at 73 rushing touchdowns after yesterday’s 28-18 win over UConn, where he ran 28 times for 142 yards and three touchdowns. He also took the time to throw a touchdown pass.
Those are all some of the highlights below. Meanwhile, everyone’s dreading being the team that Keenan most likely beats while making it into the record books. Keenan shouldn’t get cocky, though. Montee went on to the Denver Broncos, where he got waived a couple of weeks ago…

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