Teen Conservative Activist Claims Obama Blocked Him on Twitter

Republican teen activist CJ Pearson has a pretty big bone to pick with President Barack Obama.

The 13-year-old political activist made headlines late last week after he posted a video on YouTube criticizing Obama for inviting Ahmed Mohamed (the kid who made the clock in Texas) to the White House. Now he’s complaining that POTUS blocked him on Twitter.

POTUS Twitter CJ Pearson

Shortly after Pearson posted the screenshot on his social media sites like a good little millennial, White House press secretary Frank Benenati issued a statement saying that no one has or will be blocked from the @POTUS account.

Naturally, this really pissed Pearson off. He fired back with another Tweet:

CJ Pearson Tweets Obama

Of course, he then took to Facebook to make another video, shaming the president and his leftist tactics.

Damn! This is getting heated – and funnier as it goes on. Luckily another tweeter put their two cents in, saying that when Pearson accused Obama of blocking him, he was still following the President on Twitter, which doesn’t add up considering blocked users cannot follow you or see your tweets.

President Obama POTUS Block

So what’s next in this Twitter saga? Probably another video/tweet/Facebook post/Instagram Post/Snapchat from the angsty 13-year-old. Stay tuned!

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