Tailgate Food: Top 7 Best Tailgating Foods of All Time

Ah, tailgating – a true American pastime. Jam-packed with team pride, tons of beer, and food, it just wouldn’t be America if fans didn’t indulge in a few hearty, calorie rich dishes (for the sake of stamina and to maintain general obesity statistics).
Things aren’t as easy as they look – it may revolve around being carefree, but there’s still a ton of prep involved, food being the most important thing to tackle. And maybe the tickets but mostly… food.
We have the seven best tailgating foods of all time for your next venture out. So let’s get down to business and dish it out (sorry, had to).
Photo via CNN

Spaten's Oktoberfestbier Is What's on Tap!
Spaten's Oktoberfestbier Is What's on Tap!
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