Check Out This Hilariously Ugly $30K Star Wars Watch

I understand people are willing to drop a ludicrous amount of money on both watches and Star Wars memorabilia, so Devon Works’ idea of combining the two seems like a pretty good idea, right? Well guess what?
This has got to be the worst investment ever. But before we get into this contraption any further, take a look at this behemoth.
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This thing is f*cking hideous!!!! I legitimately thought this was some kind of satirical commercial the first time I watched it. I’m not a Star Wars fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m pretttttyyy sure you can get a lot sweeter Star Wars gear than this booty watch. Luckily for you, me being the kicka** blogger that I am, I did a little research. Check out what you can get for a mere $700 (AKA 1/42 of $30,000):
You can buy you and 40 other friends Darth Vader suits! 40! You can literally create an army of Darth Vader’s for the same price of this watch. It also doesn’t help that they have The World’s Most Interesting Man’s evil twin, The World’s Most Monotone Man, presenting the watch.
Devon Timepieces only made 500 of these made (OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!), putting the exact price tag at $28,500. Similarly, they have been made available for preorder for the mere price of $2500 (AKA most of our monthly salaries)

Look, man, I get it, I really do, Star Wars fans go f*cking HAM in the paint, but we have to draw the line somewhere, don’t we? I definitely think this watch should be the line.

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