The Department of Justice Has Seized The Largest Music-Sharing Site in the US

Sharebeast, one of the premier sources for leaked music, was seized by the FBI today. was the largest illegal file-sharing site for music operating within the US, according to the RIAA. Akin to hanging pirates at the town port, The DoJ has stamped their instantly recognizable FBI banner on the site:
Sharebeast was recently in the news for a high profile incident, in which they were hosting a leak of Kanye West‘s upcoming album “SWISH”.
This takedown of Sharebeast is The most significant action against file-sharing by the US since Megaupload was shut down in 2012. Most of the large file-sharing sites, however, are not based in the US, including the grand daddy of them all, The Pirate Bay.
Some how, miraculously, The Pirate Bay is still breathing, despite being locked in game of cat and mouse with European authorties for about a decade.
They too will fall one day, though. Pirates, ye be warned.

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LISTEN: Mac Miller, GO:OD AM Stream: New Album
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