Drunk JetBlue Passenger Arrested After Peeing on Other Passengers

A JetBlue passenger was arrested Friday for criminal mischief and offensive littering after allegedly peeing on fellow passengers and their luggage.
But like, what’s the real issue here?!
The 27-year-old Oregon man named Jeff Rubin was apparently asleep for the majority of the midnight flight from Anchorage, until he got the sudden urge to urinate on everything in his path.
Thirty minutes prior to landing, Rubin apparently stood up and starting peeing through the cracks of the seat in front of him, splashing unsuspecting passengers and most likely, himself.
According to police,

“At some point Jeff Rubin lost his balance causing him to fall backwards and urinate upwards which got on the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passenger’s personal belongings.”

Naturally Rubin fell back asleep shortly after. But as soon as the plane landed, he was awoken from his drunken slumber with handcuffs, and hopefully, a new pair of pants.

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