Sixpoint Brewery's Brownstone Is What's on Tap!

Fall is one of my favorite craft beer drinking seasons. Before the world turns to all pumpkin everything for the foreseeable future, and after, I try as many fall styles and brews as I can. One of my favorite year-round styles that I especially enjoy in the fall are Brown ales. This weekend I am enjoying one of the best fall beers available. This weekend Sixpoint Brewery’s Brownstone is What’s on Tap!
Brewing out of Brooklyn New York, Sixpoint Brewery is one of the most consistent of the New York breweries. Brownstone’s color and appearance are a classic brown ale style; a nice brown amber color and on the nose Brownstone has a lovely toasted and roasted aroma. There might be a hint of hops but nothing too distinguishable. Brownstone’s taste is full of malty goodness and the toasted quality from the aroma really comes through as well. The hops make a small appearance within the middle of the sip but on the backend there is a slight sweetness which is paired nicely with some nuttiness.
Most brown ales are very versatile when it comes to pairing with food. They go great with hamburgers or if you are looking for something more upscale and fine brown ales are great with grilled chops of any kind. If you want to get a bit ambitious try using Brownstone in a sauce. The malty and roasted flavors are perfect for cooking. But regardless of what you are eating be sure to start enjoying some great fall beers like Brownstone!
Beer Stats
Style: American Brown Ale
Color: Brownish Amber
Color (SRM): 21
Alcohol by Volume: 6.0%
IBUs (Bitterness): 45

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 87 and 95
Rate Beer: 86

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