If You Want To Get More Girls on Tinder, Try The Puppify App

If you’re wondering why you haven’t hit the goldmine on Tinder yet, don’y sweat it, we have a solution for you: add puppies to your photos.
The new Puppify app is guaranteed to score you chicks on Tinder. Brought to you by James Shamsi with the best tagline ever – b*tches love b*tches – the app allows you to photoshop adorable puppies into your photos.
Shamsi essentially created the app after experiencing how puppies helped his game firsthand. AKA he was getting laid left and right, and decided to actually share the love: “My friend bought a puppy, then my friends and I took a few selfies with it. Shortly after, we put these pictures as our Tinder profile pics… the result? It was the closest to feeling like Dan Bilzerian that we’ve ever gotten.”
Well yeah… of course… like you said, b*tches love b*tches.
The app will be released later this month for only $2.99, and we suggest you get it ASAP.
No girl wants to see your inadequate selfie and awkward friend photo, they want puppies! American Eskimos, Pomeranians, Pugs – whatever! Trust me on this one, they’ll like you way more than if it was just you wearing your sunglasses, showing off your poor excuse of a six pack, and drinking a beer.
You’re welcome in advance.

[H/T: Metro]

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