Freshman Survival Guide: Basics On Making It Past The First Semester

College Freshman Survival Guide

College is easy. Unless you are doing a medical or physics course, you are going to have an easy time getting your work done and doing your studying. Students now have to study and/or work between 10% and 30% less than what they did just 10 years ago, so the work side of college is not a major issue. The hard part is dealing with the social side of college. After all, you are fresh from high school where you play by a very (VERY) different set of rules.

Dealing With Bullies

There are far fewer bullies in college than there are in high school, but there is a simple solution in college, and that is to avoid them at all costs. College is full of people that were bullied in high school, so there is a far higher proportion of victims than victimizers. Avoid the bullies (which should be easy) and hang with the victims. They are the ones that will rule the world anyway. They are the ones that become politicians, prison guards and liberal bloggers, so that they can hurt the bullies that hurt them.

How to Make A Woman Want You

Women want what they cannot have. What do you say to a woman when she asks you any question, you say, “No.” Do not do things for women because every other man on the planet does. You can be different by doing the opposite of what women want, and if they ask you to do something, then ask them, “What is in it for me?” Remember that women want what they cannot have, and that every other man on the planet is doing what they ask, opening doors, buying them meals, calling them pretty, etc. You can be different by saying “no.”

The first thing that (young) men ask, upon hearing this advice, is, “But, why should I be mean to women?” But, you are not being mean or a jerk; you are treating her like every other person. Do you open doors for your male friends? Buy them flowers? Buy them dinner? Tell them they are handsome? Offer to carry their stuff? No, you don’t! Women are sick of men calling them pretty and offering to be their lapdogs. They want a wolf–not a wimp!

How To Make A Man Want You

Ladies, especially college ladies, men already want you. No matter how bad you feel about yourself, you could go out there and sleep with 20 men today if you had the correct mindset. Millions of men want you, but mostly they want sex. If you want a man to want you, then show you are available, but play very hard to get.

Show your available by “NOT” doing things such as, talk about your ex all the time, hang around another man all the time, look angry most of the time, look depressed, and do not be rude to men or purposefully avoid them. Play hard to get by laughing at his jokes, smiling, and being very friendly, but become very vague when he starts wanting more time with you. Make sure you are always busy, and can only squeeze in a few minutes here and there with him. Answer his texts, but sometimes leave it 2 – 6 hours before answering and tell him you were busy. Make time with you a precious commodity and he will treat it as such.

Everything You Need To Know About Liars

Here is how it works in college. If somebody claims they will double your investment, they won’t. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. If your girlfriend tells you her new male friend is gay, it means she is having sex with him. If your boyfriend tells you he is just friends with his ex, he is having sex with her.

When a man tells you his number of sexual partners, divide it by 3 in order to get the correct amount. If a woman tells you her number of sexual partners, multiply it by 5 in order to get the real amount. When another person tells you they will pay you back, they won’t!

Getting Your Essays Done On Time

It is imperative that you hand in your essays at least 48 hours prior to their due date. Most professors appreciate work being handed in early, and they are more likely to mark your work more highly through some sort of subconscious gratitude.

Furthermore, if you do not get your work done on time, then it starts a very vicious negative feedback where you are constantly rushing to catch up. This is where assignment writing service Assignmentmasters may become a lifesaver. Use them to get your work done before the deadline, and use your spare time to study and/or revise for your exams. Not only does this ensure you get a good mark/grade for your written work, but it also means you have a better chance of doing well in your exams.

If You Can’t Win, Then Don’t Try

Competition is only as healthy as you allow it to be. Cheat and lie your way to the top if you have to, but if you are sure you cannot win, then don’t bother trying. The results are going to be the same if you try and if you don’t try, so just don’t waste your time.

As a final thought, remember that Insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Albert Einstein, 1879 – 1955). It is better to try things 100 different ways and get it wrong, than they try the same thing 100 times and get it wrong.

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