WATCH: Gazoni Family At UCF Featured By Orlando News Station

The Gazoni Family, formerly the Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at UCF, has been well-publicized for leaving behind the traditional definition of a fraternity. Since they’re no longer affiliated with the school or any other national organization, the Gazoni Family has fewer rules they have to follow.
It’s literally a story out of Old School, except the founding members aren’t 40-years-olds.

This past summer we featured the Gazoni Family, but News 6 out of Orlando decided to do some fantastic reporting and followed up with the Family during UCF’s Rush. Check out this video below:
As a Phi Delta Theta brother, I will always support my fellow Phis but the disparity between this:
and this:
is really hard to ignore. Like if you presented me with the option of “Man Flirting” (which is the lamest f*cking thing I’ve ever heard, even if that’s what it is) or partying with bros, I’m choosing the partying with bros thing.
And how about the Gazoni Family dude giving a shout to the bar they’re going to be at? That’s called “taking advantage of the situation.” Speaking of which, if you’re a UCF student I suggest taking look at their tailgate party tonight.

Update: That Stagger Inn the Gazoni Family dude was talking about? That place looks ABSURD. Check out this video shot there.

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