Savannah State University Shooting Leaves One Student Dead

A Savannah State shooting on University campus has left Christopher Starks, a Junior at the school dead after a fight in the student union. No arrests have been made yet.

The Georgia campus was put on lockdown Thursday night because of “a shooting incident that occurred this evening at/near the Student Union.” That lockdown was lifted around midnight.

Student Ahia Gordon told NBC that she was eating in the Student Union when an unknown number of people “started fighting out of nowhere and then someone pulled out a gun and shot him.
She and other students tended to the man, who was shot near his collarbone. “We was telling people to take their shirt off and put pressure on his wound,” Gordon said. “He was bleeding just sitting there.”

Our thoughts are with Christopher, his friends and family, and SSU students. He was a transfer from Appalachian State where he was a football star, possessing unreal speed. Apparently an injury caused him to quit playing the game, but he left a mark with all of his friends and teammates who paid tribute to Chris “Cooley” Starks on Twitter.

Chris Starks Shooting Chris Starks Dead

Chris had moved onto a career in music.

What an awful week. First the newsteam, then Mississippi State, and now this.

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