WATCH: LLWS California Team With Unsportsmanlike 1st Base Cheap Shots

The better team won last night’s Little League World Series elimination game between California and Texas. I mean that purely based on sportsmanship, by the way–check out this scrub move from the California 1st baseman (who eventually wound up pitching and gave up the winning run).

But it didn’t stop there.┬áThis isn’t baseball.

WTF California? Obviously the kids here are only 12-years-old (and definitely old enough to know better) but the coaches are 100% implicit in these plays. They could have stopped them after the first one but they didn’t. You could tell that the ESPN reporters wanted to say something, but didn’t because these are just kids.

But we’re not ESPN. So congratulations Texas, we only wish we had footage of the pitcher who elbowed that dude crying because he was the first one to break down.

Hopefully Texas’ third base coach ripped a baseball-sized dab immediately following the victory. [image via BustedCoverage]

Texas LLWS Coach

Meanwhile you’ve got kids from Uganada (who lost) literally living the dream. This is what the Little League should be about.

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