Harvard University Tops Annual List of World's Best Colleges

The annual World’s Best Colleges list was unveiled this week and to no one’s surprise, Harvard University came out on top.
However what was surprising is that when it came to the world’s top schools, the United States (particularly California), really took it home.
Here’s the top twenty:
1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. University of California, Berkley
5. University of Cambridge
6. Princeton University
7. California Institute of Technology
8. Columbia University
9. University of Chicago
10. University of Oxford
11. Yale University
12. University of California, Los Angeles
13. Cornell University
14. University of California, San Diego
15. University of Washington
16. Johns Hopkins University
17. University of Pennsylvania
18. University of College London
19. University of California, San Francisco
20. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
View the full list here.

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