Alison Parker, WDBJ Reporter: Photos, Facts & Information

Allison Parker, 24, a reporter for WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia, was shot and killed Wednesday morning, along with her cameraman Adam Ward, on live television.

In the video, Parker is interviewing a woman at Bridgewater Plaza about tourism in the area. While talking about seven shots ring out, and Parker and the woman attempt to flee while screaming. The video then cuts to a stunned reporter in the WDBJ newsroom, who tries to quickly carry on with a broadcast.

The incident happened at Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia. WDBJ reports that the situation is being regarded as an “active shooter” by law enforcement who are in pursuit of a suspect. WSLS reports that there are a total of three victims. The third victim, Vicki Gardner, the Executive Director at Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber, was also killed. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said that the suspect is a former, disgruntled, WDBJ employee.

Her boyfriend, WDBJ Anchor Chris Hurst, expressed his love for Parker – which they had not yet made public – in a series of tweets.

Alison Parker Instagram Picture

Alison Parker Instagram Photos

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of Allison Parker, Adam Ward, Vicki Gardner, and WDBJ7. Rest In Peace.

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